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Farewell and Greetings 8

Quilting has been good to me. Exceptionally so. For my entire adult life, the industry has been my life, my persona. Since I was sixteen I have identified myself with these words: “I am a quilter.” But that has changed. This is the first year in decades that I won’t […]

Pinterest Promoted Pins My Marketing Experiment Begins

Starting From Zero How do you get an entirely new business off the ground? Just going for it, head down, forging ahead. And experimentation. And then there’s the $395 sale from one pin two weeks ago that set me on fire for Pinterest. But let’s first go back to the […]

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Four Cuckoo Clocks Equals One Comet the Golden Retriever

Four Cuckoo Clocks Equals One Comet the Golden Retriever 2

  The paintings were hung in the gallery, invitations mailed, the press alerted. All was ready for my friend’s first showing of her artwork. The gallery owner then posed the inevitable question; Setting prices on the paintings. True to the commonly held art-is-above-such-things sympathies of artists, my friend hadn’t thought […]

The Love of Potholders

  Ever since Christmas Day I have used these potholders exclusively. Whether cooking indoors in my relatively antiseptic kitchen or out at the messy-by-nature grill, they have been my go-to choice. Mind you, I have a stack of potholders in a drawer, all coordinated with my groovy aqua kitchen. Nevertheless, […]

The Love of Potholders

Manure is Soil Food Manure is Soul Food

Manure is Soil Food Manure is Soul Food

I love manure. To me, manure signifies that all is right with my world. Manure is the cycle of life. When it comes out of the horse I know all is well with the horse. When I spread it in the fields and the grass grows strong, I know my […]