A Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card From Rubber Duckie! 1

This is my first attempt at creating a video greeting card, bringing my rubber duckie to life.

It started with the goal of sharing the Rubber Duckie World in my head and house visually, as in illustrations for greeting cards or books.

Deciding what medium to use to depict the Duckies was the first task of the journey. Thinking static illustrations, I started with quilts. (FYI to those who don’t know: the quilt industry is my professional world.) Applique? Nah. Stumpwork? Nah. yep, I was stuck. So, to work on another aspect of the project.

My intial vision was that these illustrations would be vertical, as in wall hangings. But bubbles…how to make bubbles that stick to a wall? Then I found them; half-round plastic orbs that are oh so bubbly. Voila! The backgrounds went horizontal.

Then the eureka moment: I happened upon a stop motion video. Wow, my Duckie could come to life! I experimented with various materials to make cutout Duckies. Plastic? Sheet foam? Felt? No, no, and NO.  One day I looked up at my design wall where clippings for my original vision awaited: old hand-colored newspapers. Aha! I found a type I liked and printed out words on newsprint, took colored pencils to card stock for the duckies, and placed them all on the fabric and quilted backgrounds that had found the floor. Yes!

A new camera, a new iMac, (Uh huh, the software required it.) and I was set. And giggling as I worked.

Let me know what you think of the result!







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One thought on “A Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card From Rubber Duckie!

  • Emily

    I can just hear you giggling as you played with this! I am sure it was as fun to do as it was to watch.
    We wish you and yours a “Bubbly Best” New Year, too!
    Take care.