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Big Trees Please!

The house was built nestled in trees. But pine borers had decimated the native pines in much of this area in the early 2000’s, leaving the house in the blazing sun. So my first landscaping task was to get the biggest trees I could afford placed ASAP. This is one of […]



Cork Flooring Installed

The countertop and cork samples. Much as I like the idea of a patterned floor, the layout and size of the kitchen simply doesn’t warrant it. Here it is going in. Popular as it is in magazines these days I was surprised how difficult is was to find someone with […]

Working During Renovations

Getting ready to work. It was getting down to the wire so things were happening all over the house. By day I shot the how-to close-up videos while saws were going and at night I did the voice part. This is the only place I could work. My pressing station: the bathroom.


Painting Begins

For some reason I thought the painting would progress around the house. But I was mistake. One morning the painters arrives. And wrapped my world in plastic. This is my desk. I literally lived for a week with every belonging I needed on my bed, under plastic, which I peeled […]