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Farewell and Greetings 8

Quilting has been good to me. Exceptionally so. For my entire adult life, the industry has been my life, my persona. Since I was sixteen I have identified myself with these words: “I am a quilter.” But that has changed. This is the first year in decades that I won’t […]

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My Word for the New Year: Rose-Colored Glasses 3

  Meg Cox shared a post on Facebook about her guiding word for 2014: “legacy.” Her choice is oh-so appropriate, considering she is the expert on family traditions. In true Meg style, she then invited friends to share their New Year’s word-to-live-by. As an exercise it’s a great opportunity to […]

rse-colored glasses

Thirty-Five Time Author Discovers She’s Not a Writer

Thirty-Five Time Author Discovers She’s Not a Writer 4

Yup, that’s me. Sounds silly but bear with me. We all have them. Those smacked-in-the-head moments when reality shifts. Or, more correctly, we catch up with reality. It’s especially surprising when it’s something about yourself, something staring you right in the face, but didn’t acknowledge. An instantaneous change in how […]

The Wisdom of Fear: Lessons From My Horses 7

It wasn’t and isn’t mine, I didn’t create it, I simply inherited it. Which made it mine. What am I talking about? Fear. I had ridden horses into my twenties, when I finally accepted the fact that I absolutely did not enjoy the reality of riding. You see, I was […]


Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie's Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie’s Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock 1

Today marks the 8th day of my Kickstarter campaign. Eight days, and we’re at 80% of our goal. Eighty percent! Note that I wrote “we” above. There’s no question. The only thing I have done is facilitate it. In 2007 I imported a batch of Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clocks from […]