Jodie’s Cooking Rubber Duckie Applique Pattern 1


Rubber Duckie
Another character in my Sunbonnet Sue inspired Rubber Duckie applique patterns is a Rubber Duckie who is quite the connoisseur of gourmet food–make that gum drops, of course. (You did know that the preferred food of Rubber Duckies is gumdrops, right?) With her chef’s hat and jacket on, she is whipping up a batch of every Rubber Duckie’s favorite: Gum Drop Cookies.
Make your own Cooking Rubber Duckie with my pattern. Have fun!
rubber duckie

Yes, rubber duckies do quilt! This real rubber duckie proves it!

Cooking Rubber Duckie Pattern


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Yes, a real Rubber Duckie designed for quilters!

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And you thought Rubber Duckies didn’t know how to quilt!

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