Creating a Rubber Duckie World: Rubber Duckie Illustrations 2

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Rubber Duckie Illustrations: Round ? (Who’s Counting?)

The journey to bring my Rubber Duckie World to life in the hearts of others has taken me down some pretty interesting avenues. From virtual worlds to the most tangible of all, fabric, the search for the medium for my Rubber Duckie illustrations has been long, as long as it has needed to be.

The latest, the stop motion videos, came close. I manually shot cutouts on a board, 12 per second of video. The shear physical requirements of doing so have set me off the find a better way. Plus, it disn’t quite hit the mark I was after.

So, here you see the next stage in the artwork. I will scan these into Adobe After Effects (thank you Ivan Machiz for the tip off on that.) and resize them and animate them. Maybe just maybe, x time is the charm!

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Rubber Duckie World: Rubber Duckie Illustrations

  • Judy Jackson

    Hi. I am wanting to start a duckie store for myself. It all started when my husband and I went on a trail ride in south Texas. Found a duckie store in Williamsburg and said OMG! For one did not know there were so many different ones out there. I have bought ducks for my grand kids from WalMart but this is a whole new level for me. We have a small community close by that holds duck races every year and you don’t see unusual ones around these parts. And I would like to introduce my state to them. How did you get started?

    • Jodie Davis

      Hi Judy,
      A rubber duckie store would be great! Why don’t you talk to the store owner in Williamsburg? It’s not a conflict since its a totally different geographic region. Beyond that, it’s the same as any retail shop, so start boning up on that research. Good luck!!!