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Quilting Rubber Duckie


Quilting Rubber DuckieDo Rubber Duckies quilt? Of course they do!

Jodie’s Quilting Rubber Duckie

She’s the real thing! Designed after the toys made in Akron, Ohio during the 50’s and 60’s -the heyday of American toy manufacturing – the Quilting Rubber Duckie has the charm of retro, with detail molded into her. She carries a bolt of fabric, chain-pieced squares, and shears and a rotary cutter. Yes, our Duckie has feathers, but she is, naturally, quilted as well. From her top knot to her perky tail, she’s pure cuteness!

She measures 3-3/4″-wide x 3-7/8″-tall x 4-1/4″-long (Don’t call her “portly”!)

Although… Last night I took her to dinner with a friend to fill her in on my next duckie venture. When she picked her up she remarked, “Gosh, she’s heavy!” So true. This is not a squishy plastic-y duckie like you get at big box stores. She’s very high quality. I  call her the Moda of Duckies.

To learn more about Jodie’s journey in making her dream of being a Rubber Duckie Designer come true, read Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer.

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