Kristy Jenney’s Amazing Guitar Quilt Panels 3

I live in the best neighborhood. Well, it isn’t a “neighborhood” as we think of them today as in a planned community. It’s a fabulous little area adjoined by a string of lakes, surrounded by roads that lead to our tucked away doors, with houses built starting in the early 60’s (mine) mostly through the 80’s. The seclusion, the individulality of the homes is reflected in the people who live in them.

A few weeks ago my friends Linda and Rick and Carson Bell informed me that JR’s annual music bash was that evening. They headed over to meet me at the end of my driveway to walk over. Little did I know that I was in for two very pleasant surprises that night.

Beer in hand, I headed from the hosue and barn down along the pond in the dark, listening to the roaring orchestrated (so it seems) symphony of frogs, up the hill where crickets and less watery creatures made their form of music in the night.

JR’s driveway is four down from mine on the lake above me and as we turned up toward the house it was obvious that party was underway. ‘Nuff said. Inside we discovered that the “bands from Nashville” were thankfully not what I feared. They rocked out! No wah-waaaaah country thank you very much.

After a bit I was resupplied with a beer from the cooler on his four-wheeler parked outside by my seven doors down neighbor Dwight (Whom I had onlt met previously while running with Tina the mini horse on our road. It was in his driveway that she had discovered acorns.), I was on my way back up to the band when I was ushered into the living room and there (here’s the point of the story) was the first surprise: a three-paneled quilted piece hanging above JR’s couch depicting his passion, his guitars. Stunning!

Better yet, the maker of the piece was right there. Kristy Jenney was commissioned to make the guitar quilt for JR. Her Mom, Kathy Rentz, came up from Florida and they worked on it together. Kathy is an artist in her own right, and they had a blast together. Sounds like the way Jayne my stepmom and I work together: effortless and so complementary.

Kathy sent me photos of the process of the making of the quilts, which I’m sharing here.

Kritsy took pictures of JR’s guitars and enlarged them for the applique.

She cut out the shpaes and here she prepares them to machine stitch.

A comparison of photo to the fabric piece.

On the background.

Shows how large the guitar is!

Parts before applique.

Kristy used Shiva Paintstiks to color the guitars. Love the texture!

Machine applique. She’s good. You can’t see the stitching.

That’s a BIG guitar! The girl has reason to be smiling!

Wish I’d seen JR’s face when Kristi and Kathy walked in with these.

As for my second surprise that evening, it all started with a black and white dog named Woody… Gotta go fetch shavings and feed for the horses before going off to Handi Quilter in Utah tape a show. So, later!


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3 thoughts on “Kristy Jenney’s Amazing Guitar Quilt Panels

    • Jodie Post author

      I’ll invite you and Rhon next year. Judging by the concert you and I were both at a few weeks ago you’ll enjoy the music. Actually, they jam every Friday.

      • Mike

        Just watched the last eospide of Series 1 and loved it! I really like the variety you are offering and the book review was superb! I love quilting books and your recommendations will help with my selections. I for one am hooked on your show and plan to be a regular viewer I love you guys! Jodi and Mark your enthusiam is catchy and I plan to Quilt Out Loud, Too!Lesley