Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie’s Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock 1

Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie's Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

Today marks the 8th day of my Kickstarter campaign. Eight days, and we’re at 80% of our goal. Eighty percent!

Note that I wrote “we” above. There’s no question. The only thing I have done is facilitate it.

In 2007 I imported a batch of Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clocks from Germany that I had designed, a result of a quilting TV show I hosted at the Schneider factory in the Black Forest. (You can read the story of the development of the clock here.) The past few years I have been asked again and again, “When are you going to bring in more clocks?” With no shop and marketing avenues in place I replied, “Some day hopefully.”

A few years before I had backed a friend’s campaign (It wasn’t successful but he has persevered and is a huge, amazing success now. Google Luke Haynes and be awed by what he does with fabric, but also know he is is fabulous, giving person. ) but hadn’t thought more about Kickstarter until one day when it crossed my radar in something I read online. “Hum….”

Over the course of the next few weeks I researched the ins and outs of Kickstarter and backed a few projects to get a handle on it from that perspective. It was obviously the best bet for getting clocks into the hands of those chiming for them.

Meanwhile I got pricing from the factory and put feelers out on Facebook about the clock.

On Friday Match 27th I posted on Facebook that I’d be lunching the campaign the following Monday. It seemed a good launch day. But my Facebook friends thought otherwise. They wanted to get going! I launched the campaign the morning of the 28th. By that evening it was already over 20% funded. Wow! And that was from one single solitary post on Facebook!

Immediately people shared my post, both on Facebook and elsewhere. I encouraged this because truly, it was they who had asked me to make the clock available, and we needed a minimum order of 50 clocks, so they could assure they’d get one by getting others to join in.

Right this second we’re at 41 clocks with 17 days to go. So it will surely be a success. This is purely a social media marketing success. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. And the best part is, the people who want the cuckoo clocks are the ones who have made it happen. A Kickstarter success story in the making! Go quilters!

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter campaign.


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One thought on “Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie’s Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

  • Janet Moody

    Wondering the status of this project – would love to get on the “purchase a clock list”!! Please send me info on an update and what I need to do to get involved………love the rubber duckie too!! Used to sing that to a patient every time I gave him his bath – he was on the ventilator so he couldn’t complain but, sure rolled his eyes at me!
    P.S. loved seeing you on Fons and Porter this morning – stars were beautiful.