Meet Possum, the Owl Dressed in a Maine Coon Kitty Fur Suit

Meet Possum, the Owl Dressed in a Maine Coon Kitty Fur Suit

Meet Possum, the Owl Dressed in a Maine Coon Kitty Fur Suit

Possum is wise, quiet, and self-composed, as are all owls. No, wait a minute; he’s  a kitty. Feline. Then he’s an owl dressed in a Maine Coon Kitty fur suit. That’s it. Oh, but then, by his markings he looks like a Possum. As you will discover he is one unique kitty, or owl, or whatever he is. Possum is Possum.

Some facts about Possum:

  • Possum is what they call “an old soul.” You know, the sort who if someone told you he’s 500 years old you wouldn’t question it.
  • Yes, Possum is extremely wise. All owls are. And as he would say, so are Maine Coon Kitties.
  • And he is self-assured. But not in a swash buckling manner. On the contrary, he’s of the type who is completely, totally comfortable in his own skin. I mean fur. I mean feathers.

Now, lest you think that Possum is perfect, think again. At Tucked Away Farm not only is perfection not required, perfection isn’t something we strive for. We all aim to be who we are. You see, we are all works in progress. We love to dig deep into the rich earth to discover more about life and ourselves. Well, in Possum’s case, make that digging into the past…

 Possum at Home

Possum’s favorite environment is his den, with comfy snoozing — I mean reading and writing — spots. And filled to the brim with the books he has authored. Yes, Possum is a writer. His favorite being historical titles.

Possum loves to research history and write about it. Particularly early American history, which fits: he is after all a “Down Easterner” by birth.

The thing is though, as kitties are wont to do, Possum often nods off into a bit of a cat nap while reading or researching, or otherwise recording facts . H

is mind then proceeds on at it’s own whim. Waking up, he then records “history” which is, as you have guessed by now,  is “History According to Possum.”

One could say Possum is a story teller. But don’t tell him that. He is the dearest soul and he really truly honestly believes with all of his huge feline heart in his handle on history.

He studies details ad nauseum. Through his eyelids.

Possum’s goal is to find and spread the truth. And that is what he does. With his own furry slant. Dear boy.

Meet Possum, the Owl Dressed in a Maine Coon Kitty Fur Suit

Possum the Historian at Work

Note that above I wrote that Possum records his stories — I mean history. Actually, he dictates. Kitties nor owls for that matter have opposable thumbs. So no typing for him. It just wouldn’t be right anyway! And so, Possum enlists the assistance of the mistress of the house, Jodie, to record his stories — I mean histories.

A recurring snippet of conversation during one of these secretarial sessions:

“Excuse the interruption, but are you sure that’s how it happened Possum?” Jodie asks, respectfully.

“Oh, yes, yes, quite sure,” Possum answers, matter-of-factly, “I was, after all, there, you know.”

You see, we can’t be sure of Possum’s age as he was found wandering — I mean researching — in a barn in the mountains of north Georgia. As mentioned, to date Possum has concentrated on American history predating the Civil War. Possum doesn’t speak of such things, so Jodie surmises that he made his way to the south to broaden his focus to recording another era of American history. With countless (Jodie has tried to count the books he has written, but it’s like bailing water from a dinghy.) books to his name, Early American history he surely has covered. At least once, if not three times.

Owls nor cats carry drivers licenses nor birth certificates, so there’s no clue there. Oh, but yes, Possum did author The Definitive Real True History of the Maine Coon Kitty, And yes, he played a major role in that history, so the story — I mean history — goes. (How did you know?) So it might just be that what he writes (dictates) in that book is fact: He is the originator of that quintessential American breed.

And so, Possum’s story, and his “histories” continue…


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