Possum’s Kitten: The One Mom Stole

It was time for Possum to have a buddy so I put the word out to Liz, Possum’s rescue Mom. Since I was a known Good Kitty Mommy I was offered a little jewel of a kitten. Her name was Lilith. Possum took right to her. But as is the case with any rescue kitten, the first round of yuckiness that cropped up when she came to the rescue was barely under contol when the next loveliness showed symptoms. So, she was on medication when I had to go out of town for work. Thankfully Mom volunteered to take care of her.

See, she had fallen in love with her at first sight, renaming her Penny. Mom simply couldn’t bring her back to me. But no matter really as there was another kitty at the rescue when I picked up Penny that I couldn’t resist. He gets his own post. He’s Possum’s buddy, just what I set out to accomplish.

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