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My Word for the New Year: Rose-Colored Glasses 3

  Meg Cox shared a post on Facebook about her guiding word for 2014: “legacy.” Her choice is oh-so appropriate, considering she is the expert on family traditions. In true Meg style, she then invited friends to share their New Year’s word-to-live-by. As an exercise it’s a great opportunity to […]

rse-colored glasses

Me and Quilting Rubber Duckie

Why Rubber Duckies? 2

It all started with a new house, an empty bathroom, and a boyfriend who questioned the relevancy and reality of the world in which I chose to live (“You live in a Boo-like world” he said distainfully.), with a rescue kitty (Boo) who only saw goodness… and rubber duckies. I […]

A Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card From Rubber Duckie!

A Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card From Rubber Duckie! 1

This is my first attempt at creating a video greeting card, bringing my rubber duckie to life. It started with the goal of sharing the Rubber Duckie World in my head and house visually, as in illustrations for greeting cards or books. Deciding what medium to use to depict the […]

Rubber Duckie on Bubbles

[fblike] Oh her favorite subject! Finding bubbles has been a long journey. You’d expect such a simple thing wouldn’t befuddle a person for months, actually years. But I did find them. You see, I needed bubbles that would stay put, so I could photograph them.  Duckie is an expert on the […]


Dove Fortune Chocolate

Moonlighting Duckies

[fblike] Here I am working away late at night at my computer having a few Dove chocolates. I happened to notice that there is writing inside the wrappers. Sayings. The chocolate spin on fortune cookies I suppose. Can you believe that I’d notice this when I have this one in […]