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Seen Elsewhere: Cupcake-Baking Rubber Duckie by Celebriducks

[fblike] Celebriducks has done it again with the “Cupcake Canard.” This cupcake-baking rubber duckie (“canard” means “duck” in French) is quite proud of her latest creation. May I lick the spatula? Ships with Belgian Chocolate or handmade soap. Craig Wolfe of Celebriducks started his business with the crazy idea of […]



First Photos of My Duckie!

[fblike] I was stuck in Atlanta traffic on my way home when Craig called to tell me he had e-mailed me photos of the molded and painted duckie. Wow–that was fast! My eyes must have been saucers as I waited in anticipation of the photos coming up. Yow! She’s gorgeous! […]

A Friend in the Rubber Duckie Business

[fblike] In my research for the book I befriended Craig Wolfe, founder of Celebriducks. The man who took a chance that character ducks immortalizing celebrities would be a hit. Yup, you guessed it, they are! Story has it that Craig and a friend got the idea while in a hot […]