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Diary of a Cuckoo Clock Designer 12

Now that’s a claim to fame! In high school, when the guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to study at college, Cuckoo Clock Designer certainly wasn’t on the list of choices. Nor Rubber Duckie Designer, nor Quilting TV Show Host for that matter. Had I stuck with  electrical engineering people […]

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Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie's Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock

Kickstarter Success Story in the Making: Jodie’s Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock 1

Today marks the 8th day of my Kickstarter campaign. Eight days, and we’re at 80% of our goal. Eighty percent! Note that I wrote “we” above. There’s no question. The only thing I have done is facilitate it. In 2007 I imported a batch of Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clocks from […]