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Hatched in the USA Again

[fblike] Guess who is paddling ahead in bringing manufacturing back to American shores? None other than that icon of bubbly good clean fun, the rubber duckie! After creating dozens of celebrity rubber duck likenesses and having them made overseas, Craig Wolfe of Celebriducks got the hare-brained idea of moving production […]

Rubber Duckies Hatched in the USA Again

What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?

Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer 7

This page is dedicated to the realization of my dream to design, have manufactured, and distribute a rubber duckie: To become a rubber duckie designer. Follow along on the journey through my Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer. Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer: The Dream Having collected ubber duckies for […]

Get Your Own Quilting Rubber Duckie! 26

  Do Rubber Duckies quilt? Of course they do! Jodie’s Quilting Rubber Duckie She’s the real thing! Designed after the toys made in Akron, Ohio during the 50’s and 60’s -the heyday of American toy manufacturing – the Quilting Rubber Duckie has the charm of retro, with detail molded into […]

Quilting Rubber Duckie

Me and Quilting Rubber Duckie

Why Rubber Duckies? 2

It all started with a new house, an empty bathroom, and a boyfriend who questioned the relevancy and reality of the world in which I chose to live (“You live in a Boo-like world” he said distainfully.), with a rescue kitty (Boo) who only saw goodness… and rubber duckies. I […]

A Squabble Over Rubber Duckie Rights in Pittsburgh

Yup, you read that right. This is oh so un-rubber-duckie-like! But, yes, there’s a squabble over rubber duckie rights, specifically the right to sell the image of rubber duckies. Let me set the stage, from the rubber duckie’s perspective. Take a gander… a buncha rubber duckies. And this, a rubber […]

Squabble Over Rubber Duckie Rights

What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?

What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of? 4

“What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?” That’s a great question! Let’s start at the beginning: Rubber. What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?: The Discovery of Rubber The story of rubber duckies waddles, naturally, hand-in-hand with that of rubber, from the discovery of rubber itself, to the invention of processes that […]