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A Squabble Over Rubber Duckie Rights in Pittsburgh

Yup, you read that right. This is oh so un-rubber-duckie-like! But, yes, there’s a squabble over rubber duckie rights, specifically the right to sell the image of rubber duckies. Let me set the stage, from the rubber duckie’s perspective. Take a gander… a buncha rubber duckies. And this, a rubber […]

Squabble Over Rubber Duckie Rights

What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?

What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of? 4

“What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?” That’s a great question! Let’s start at the beginning: Rubber. What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?: The Discovery of Rubber The story of rubber duckies waddles, naturally, hand-in-hand with that of rubber, from the discovery of rubber itself, to the invention of processes that […]

Creating a Rubber Duckie World: Rubber Duckie Illustrations 2

[fblike] Rubber Duckie Illustrations: Round ? (Who’s Counting?) The journey to bring my Rubber Duckie World to life in the hearts of others has taken me down some pretty interesting avenues. From virtual worlds to the most tangible of all, fabric, the search for the medium for my Rubber Duckie illustrations […]

Rubber Duckie Illustrations

Rubber Duckie Approved

Another Rubber Duckie Approved Quilting Video

Disclaimer from Rubber Duckie: Jodie is the host, but I promise I’m not biased in my recommendation. Elsie is great and what a quilt. Ceratinly worthy to be a Rubber Duckie approved quilting video! Rubber Duckie Approved Quilting Video: Elsie Campbell Teaches Us to String Piece In this quilting video, […]

Happy Ten Year Anniversary Gudrun Erla! 125

[fblike] It’s all bubbles and gum drops (you do know that’s what Rubber Duckies eat, right?) here at Tucked Away Farm as we celebrate Gudrun Erla and her 10 year anniversay, both for her business GE Designs and for living in the US. Congrats Gudrun! And congrats to us for […]

Interview with Gudrun

Tip Ripping

Another Tip From Jodie’s Quilting Rubber Duckie: Ripping Seams (With Less Ouch!)

[fblike]     It happens to the best of us: a seam gone wrong. Which is why this tip from Jodie’s Quilting Rubber Duckie comes in handy. It makes quicker, neater work of ripping out a seam. The trick is masking tape. (Good thing our happy yellow friend is made of plastic […]