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Jodie’s Cooking Rubber Duckie Applique Pattern 1

[fblike] Another character in my Sunbonnet Sue inspired Rubber Duckie applique patterns is a Rubber Duckie who is quite the connoisseur of gourmet food–make that gum drops, of course. (You did know that the preferred food of Rubber Duckies is gumdrops, right?) With her chef’s hat and jacket on, she is […]



Free Workout Rubber Duckie Applique Pattern

Okay, so I’m not so sure that Duckies workout, but they can at least dress for the part. And you can stitch a workout Rubber Duckie using this pattern. Here’s how she looks in fabric: Make your own Workout Rubber Duckie with my pattern. Download it here. Have fun! Workout […]

A Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card From Rubber Duckie! 1

This is my first attempt at creating a video greeting card, bringing my rubber duckie to life. It started with the goal of sharing the Rubber Duckie World in my head and house visually, as in illustrations for greeting cards or books. Deciding what medium to use to depict the […]

A Merry Christmas Video Greeting Card From Rubber Duckie!