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A Squabble Over Rubber Duckie Rights in Pittsburgh

Yup, you read that right. This is oh so un-rubber-duckie-like! But, yes, there’s a squabble over rubber duckie rights, specifically the right to sell the image of rubber duckies. Let me set the stage, from the rubber duckie’s perspective. Take a gander… a buncha rubber duckies. And this, a rubber […]

Squabble Over Rubber Duckie Rights

Rubber Duckie Illustrations

Creating a Rubber Duckie World: Rubber Duckie Illustrations 2

[fblike] Rubber Duckie Illustrations: Round ? (Who’s Counting?) The journey to bring my Rubber Duckie World to life in the hearts of others has taken me down some pretty interesting avenues. From virtual worlds to the most tangible of all, fabric, the search for the medium for my Rubber Duckie illustrations […]

Rubber Duckie’s 100% Accurate Weather Forecast

We all note how only weathermen can be wrong much of the time and keep their jobs. Well, Rubber Duckie is no regular weather forecaster. She always hits it perfectly on the mark. That’s because it is a Rubber Duckie World!

Rubber Duckie’s 100% Accurate Weather Forecast


Free Workout Rubber Duckie Applique Pattern

Okay, so I’m not so sure that Duckies workout, but they can at least dress for the part. And you can stitch a workout Rubber Duckie using this pattern. Here’s how she looks in fabric: Make your own Workout Rubber Duckie with my pattern. Download it here. Have fun! Workout […]

What’s the Quilting Rubber Duckie Working on Today?

This quilt has been scalloped! The book contains twenty mini quilts which are a great way to try different techniques. And you thought Rubber Duckies didn’t know how to quilt! Get your very own quilting helper.