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Hooray for Spoonflower!

[fblike] I don’t know when I have last been so excited. I arrived home from Des Moines to find the package I had been anticipating from an online company called Spoonflower. To say that I tore into it is an understatement.But let me start at the beginning. Several weeks ago […]

Box Art for the Quilting Rubber Duckie 2

[fblike] For the last task in the creation of the duckie I wrote up some silly sayings and a message for the back of the box. And then waited for word that the duckies had shipped. To save on frieght charges, which can be significant, the Quilting Rubber Duckie was […]

Jodie's Quilting Rubber Duckie


The Quilting Rubber Duckie Arrives!

[fblike] … just a few days later these photos arrived. That’s it! That’s my Quilting Rubber Duckie! And she’s more beautiful than I had ever dreamed. The magic word must have been “pastel” for her coloring is right on. I realized as I stared at her photos that I had […]

First Photos of My Duckie!

[fblike] I was stuck in Atlanta traffic on my way home when Craig called to tell me he had e-mailed me photos of the molded and painted duckie. Wow–that was fast! My eyes must have been saucers as I waited in anticipation of the photos coming up. Yow! She’s gorgeous! […]



Color My Duckie

  [fblike] Having given my a-okay, the sculpt was off to the factory in China to be molded. Meanwhile, in preparation for the following step in producktion Craig asked me for the colors I wanted the duck painted. I sent him a tracing of David’s drawing with the colors painted […]