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Creating a Rubber Duckie World: Rubber Duckie Illustrations 2

[fblike] Rubber Duckie Illustrations: Round ? (Who’s Counting?) The journey to bring my Rubber Duckie World to life in the hearts of others has taken me down some pretty interesting avenues. From virtual worlds to the most tangible of all, fabric, the search for the medium for my Rubber Duckie illustrations […]

Rubber Duckie Illustrations

Rubber Duckie Recommends....

The Quilting Rubber Duckie Recommends…

[fblike] The Quilting Rubber Duckie recommends… A quilting video for you! In this segment of a full episode of Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show, Jodie Davis’s guest is Vicki Anderson, owner of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine. Vicki shows the quilts made by well-known designers for a quilt challenge. See […]

Jodie’s Cooking Rubber Duckie Applique Pattern 1

[fblike] Another character in my Sunbonnet Sue inspired Rubber Duckie applique patterns is a Rubber Duckie who is quite the connoisseur of gourmet food–make that gum drops, of course. (You did know that the preferred food of Rubber Duckies is gumdrops, right?) With her chef’s hat and jacket on, she is […]


Rubber Duckie’s 100% Accurate Weather Forecast

Rubber Duckie’s 100% Accurate Weather Forecast

We all note how only weathermen can be wrong much of the time and keep their jobs. Well, Rubber Duckie is no regular weather forecaster. She always hits it perfectly on the mark. That’s because it is a Rubber Duckie World!

Tip for Quilters: Sewing Bias and Straight of Grain for Quilters

Another tip for quilters from Jodie’s Quilting Rubber Duckie from Pocket Posh Tips for Quilters. And you thought Rubber Duckies didn’t know how to quilt!