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What’s the Quilting Rubber Duckie Working on Today?

This quilt has been scalloped! The book contains twenty mini quilts which are a great way to try different techniques. And you thought Rubber Duckies didn’t know how to quilt! Get your very own quilting helper.

Marianne Duckie Taping 2

“Dimples and Duckies” Rubber Duckie Quilt 1

[fblike] Ernie (the rubber duckie’s #1 fan and my hero) has, of course, brought duckies to PBS for years on Sesame Street. As a quilter I brought duckies to the Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting set on PBS in the form of a rubber duckie quilt project. Does that […]

Hooray for Spoonflower!

[fblike] I don’t know when I have last been so excited. I arrived home from Des Moines to find the package I had been anticipating from an online company called Spoonflower. To say that I tore into it is an understatement.But let me start at the beginning. Several weeks ago […]