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Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer 7

This page is dedicated to the realization of my dream to design, have manufactured, and distribute a rubber duckie: To become a rubber duckie designer. Follow along on the journey through my Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer. Diary of a Rubber Duckie Designer: The Dream Having collected ubber duckies for […]

What Are Rubber Duckies Made Of?


Friday is Rubber Duckie Cake Day: Baker’s Cakes

This adorable rubber duckie cake was created by Baker’s Cakes for a baby shower given in honor of a mom expecting her third boy! To keep with the ducky theme of the shower, this Baker’s Cakes Signature Chocolate Cake with Double Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting is topped with fondant to […]

First Photos of My Duckie!

[fblike] I was stuck in Atlanta traffic on my way home when Craig called to tell me he had e-mailed me photos of the molded and painted duckie. Wow–that was fast! My eyes must have been saucers as I waited in anticipation of the photos coming up. Yow! She’s gorgeous! […]



Sculpting Rubber Duckies

[fblike] To be a rubber duckie designer I needed to be able to create my vision by sculpting rubber duckies. My first effort was created using FIMO, which proved to ill-afford the detail I was after. I made further attempts with self-hardening clay, such as those seen here. Meanwhile my rubber […]