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Jodie Davis




You will ask – everyone always does – so here goes…

Hatched a different kind of chick, Jodie Davis’s inner muse tested this world this way and that, but she didn’t quite fit in anywhere — until a boyfriend’s intended insult became a gift of clarity. For him, “You live in a rubber duckie world,” was a put down: for Jodie it was the crystalizing moment.

She booted the boyfriend and set about letting her rubber duckie muse call the shots, to create her own world, her “It’s Rubber Duckie World!”

Thirty-five books later – her best seller, Rubber Duckie, sold 230,000 copies — Jodie has become a top TV host in the crafting world shepherding an online network for quilters, QNNTV.com, which was birthed in the early days of online TV. Her journey has brought her to demonstrating products on HSN, guest co-hosting the most-seen crafts show on PBS, and producing and hosting long-running monthly series including Quilt Out Loud!, an off-the-wall lifestyle quilting show she created with Mark Lipinski. But now it’s time for Duckies…

Check out Jodie’s demo reel.






 Jodie Davis’s Demo Reel

Jodie is represented by Jay Brackin of Real People.


Dixie Duckies: Give the Gift of a Smile

Dixie Duckies


It all started with a Quilting Rubber Duckie Jodie Davis designed, had made by Celebriducks, and imported into the United States from China.

Yes, during her many years in the quilting world the rubber duckies have waited patiently along the sidelines, popping their dear wings out every so often to wave a “Don’t forget us!” Jodie’s way. Pushing all else aside, Jodie is now following the insult-turned-enlightened-advice from that boyfriend long ago and turning full time to her mission of spreading the sunshiny smiles of rubber duckies. As she has discovered, the spark of light that rubber duckies instill in humans knows no age, sex, cultural of any other limits. Their appeal is universal. Dixie Duckies pairs the first rubber duckie made in the USA in decades with greetings to celebrate those we love and care about. As Jodie has discovered, a simple gesture of remembering someone and taking a few moments to send a little something tangible means volumes. What better messenger than the Great America Icon, the Rubber Duckie, delivering a custom  message!


The Cuckoo Clock Designer


…And cuckoo clocks.

Having collected German mid-Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clockcentury cuckoo clocks for years, Jodie jumped at the chance to journey to the premier cuckoo factory in the Black Forest. She turned it into an entré into designing her own clock, her ulterior motive for a visit to film an episode for a show she was producing and hosting.

Having imported multiple batches of her Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock since, Jodie is now relishing the prospect of creating more designs for the many kindred souls who are likewise enchanted by these magical little boxes of Black Forest charm. As she has discovered, she’s not the only one who’s cuckoo for cuckoo clocks!

And now, Jodie is onto her second design in here line of enthusiasts cuckoo clocks for her business, The Cuckoo Cock Designer. She’s awaiting it’s arrival from Germany to share the next dose of cuckoo fun!

And where is this world? Well, I’d argue that it’s in my heart and mind. Thankfully my heart has found home in a groovy mid-century modern butterfly roof house in north Georgia where my mind is free to be. It’s a magical place, from the visitors who come by to offer up memories of fishing the lake with their grandpas, to the Blalock family who built a house of love and have accepted me – the next caretaker of this tucked away bit of heaven – into their family, to my neighbors – characters all – each one has a role in this Rubber Duckie World. But none more so than the four kitties and four horses who reveal themselves in subtle ways every day, and are teaching me volumes about myself and life. We are all blooming. It is a Rubber Duckie World!

Contact me at Duckie@DixieDuckies.com

Or better yet on Facebook or Twitter or share the love on Pinterest. And get the fuller scoop on me on Linkedin.




P.S. The hunka munka kitty is Mr. Possum. Rescued by Liz Nichols, she agrees that he and I were destined for each other. He’s a kitty yes, but really an owl in a Maine Coon kitty fur suit. He’s an author, a story teller, and an orator. The first night he came to live with me he told me stories all night long. Yes, I buy into his version of history. Who wouldn’t? I mean, look at him! More from Mr. P. latter. (My dearest friend on this planet, Lee Warhurst, is not a fan of possums though is majorly of kitties (they converted him in his old age), so I call my boy “Mr. P.” in his presence.)

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20 thoughts on “Who Is Jodie Davis?

    • Jodie Post author

      Hi Lee,
      We keep a list of interested people and every so often see if there’s wnough interest to import enough to make a cost-effective. Shall I put you on the list? You can email me directly: jodierddavis at gmail dot com.

  • Terri Witte

    I just came across the video of your clock! I would truly love to purchase one if they are ever offered again. Thank you!!!

    • Jodie Post author

      Hi Terri,
      You’re in luck!
      I am just getting final pricing from the factory to order a new batch. I’ll be selling them through a Kickstarter campaign. Not to worry if you’ve never done one. I’ve partcipated in a few to see how it works and it’s super easy.
      Have you on my list to contact. I’ll also keep updating via Kickstarter and Facebook.
      Thanks so much for being cuckoo for quilting!

    • Jodie Post author

      Terri, I’ve put you on the list. I’ll have final pricing any day now and will sent out an email blast, post of Facebook, and contact each person who has expressed an interest. Am so tickled that you’re cuckoo for quilting too!

  • Sandra Hiles


    Our website above should be “live” in about 10 days (although the It lady has told me this before). Could you please advise me on the best way to contact designers like yourself to (a) donate a pattern for the website and (b) spread the word. The idea is to have hundreds of patterns for women worldwide and from the funds raised on the website start more Patchwork Easyas Ministries in Salvation Army Corps. worldwide to promote quilting and help people in need. On the horizon will be a “Quilt & Cushion Bank” to give to people in drought, flood, bushfire etc. through the nearest Salvatoin Army Corps. I am not well known or have the contacts that you must have but need help. Would you be kind enough to contact me please

  • Lee Brinkley

    I just found your blog!!! And I am so glad I did!! First of all, my husband and I had a Maine Coon kitty for 15 years before kidney disease took her life! She ruled our house! Her name was Snickers becuase she was all the colors of a Snickers Bar!! More than anything she loved to eat plastic bags and thread!! Her love of thread nearly killed her! For the past 12 years I have done very little sewing but have been sewing since I was 10; I’m not 57. I come from a family of quilters but I was never interested. My mother is 82 and still teaches quilting every week at her local community college! She has taught for 20 years!! One night in the middle of the night I realized I should quickly follow my mother’s foot steps, quilting and teaching when I retire. I could even possibly take her spot when she retires! One problem…I don’t know how to quilt!! So I am teaching myself with her long distance assistance (we live 200 miles apart). I have even secured my first teaching assignment this fall at the community college where I have been employed for the past 7 years!! So, I am doing a crash course in quilting and having a ball!! I am SO excited! Your blog and books will help in many ways!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

    • Jodie Post author

      Hi Lee,
      The quilting bug is the best! I bet your Mom is tickled beyond words that you’ve finally caught it!
      My other advice is to join a guild or better yet a Bee. Quilters love to share and help other quilters up the learning curve, so they’ll give you a lot of hands-on help and lead you to things you might not find on your own.

  • Marie-Louise Tundal, Sweden

    I search for all you quiltpattern but I cant see them at your site!
    Where are all of them? I can only see that duckie who is not a quiltpattern.
    Quiltpattern as: Cake Pattern, Tea Pot, Rocking Horse and so on.

    Have a nice day.
    Marie-Louise Tundal

    • Jodie Post author

      Hi Marie-Louise,

      Those patterns are from ages ago! They were paper piecing patterns. I looked for them, but don’t have them any more.
      So sorry to disappoint you!


  • AC

    I found a jointed bear which I believe is made from mohair. It has a suede tag on the back with a signature of J. Davis, from 1989. Did you by chance make it?

    Thank you!

    • Jodie Post author

      Nope, I never made them to sell, nor put suede tags in them. But it sure makes sense that you thought that connection possible!

  • Jan Cunningham

    Do you ever do guild presentations?……. like down the road in Marietta?….. not classes just a lecture? …maybe? I have a slot for a “local famous artist” (ie: like you!) in March of 2017.

    Jan with East Cobb Quilters’ Guild

  • Elleda Rule

    Do you lectures at Quilt Guilds? We are a small quilt Guild in Duluth Georgia and an looking for Guild presentations and or workshops for 2017. We are an evening Guild that meets on the last Tuesday of the month.
    Thank You Elleda Rule/Program chair