Why Rubber Duckies? 2

It all started with a new house, an empty bathroom, and a boyfriend who questioned the relevancy and reality of the world in which I chose to live (“You live in a Boo-like world” he said distainfully.), with a rescue kitty (Boo) who only saw goodness… and rubber duckies. I got rid of the boyfriend and filled my life with Duckies and joy. And success.

And bought Boo more catnip and an new cardboard scratchie box.

A TV show (A&E’s The Incurable Collector) found me on the internet and filmed me in my rubber duckie bathroom. Then and there I knew I had to write a book about duckies. It sold over 130,000 copies. I also knew I needed to create a duckie TV special. That turned into a quilting series (see how I started the Who is Jodie? page – now you know why I wrote that first paragraph!) and then another, and ultimately an online quilting TV station.

I have found that duckies steer me to where I want to be, make me Boo-like to my core. With the success of my book, the reaction I see to my Quilting Rubber Duckie, and stories people tell of their duckies as kids, I know it does the same for most everyone. And so, I have answered the question of “Why Rubber Duckies?” Because I want to share that ability to go to where our hearts lie. And I’ve seen time and again that duckies take us there. So, my mission is to spread rubber duckie sunshine. Bring on the bubbles!

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2 thoughts on “Why Rubber Duckies?

  • Joseph

    Man, I must admit that I do have about 10 of those at home!! People think I am nuts for collecting them, but who cares!?Thank you soloooo much for posting them, you have NO idea how much they made my day. I must put my photos of my collection sometimes. DuckRUs!!!It has been a great pleasure visting here, and hope to have this place as a source of all the singericious!! :)And thank YOU for reading my posts. Your comments make me giggle!! and all encouraging!!Have a lovely weekend xxx

  • Steve Nielsen

    I love it! I am in my mid 50’s and still enjoy the pure pleasure of rubber duckies. Yes, there are several that call this house their home.

    Thanks for being there and adding to the pleasures of life.